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Tessa (daughter)
Earl (ex-husband)
Powers & Abilities:
Underwater Breathing
Longevity and Youth
Object of Power:
Listening Ear
Hair color:
Eye color:
Portrayed by:
Genevieve Lemon (older)
Holly Brisley (younger).

Betty is the wife of the owner of Breaker's and former mermaid.


Betty once roamed the seas a mermaid but she was alone, something which bothered her greatly and the only thing she remembered when she became mortal.

Earl, Betty's husband, somehow obtained her object of power and had no other choice but to stay with him. When Venus retrieved both her object of power and Betty's, Betty was set free from Earl and let on with a happy life with Tessa. When Betty's object of power was retrieved, she sent Earl packing and went on as owner of Breaker's, now named Mermaids Tavern, along with Venus as a partner, and lives a happy life with Tessa.


Betty is very strong and independent but under the complete control of Earl. Betty's sense of humor is a bit dry and she may come of as a bit mean but is warm-hearted once you get to know her.

As a Mermaid

Betty was once a mermaid but was under the complete control of Earl when he stole her object of power. She had green locks, pale skin and powdery lips but all that faded away when she turned human. She also wore a pale beige dress with sparkling emerald green beading reminiscent of seaweed or kelp.

Powers and Abilities

As a mermaid, Betty can swim as fast as a dolphin and perform extraordinary feats of agility and grace in the water. Being part fish, Betty can breathe underwater and remain above and below the waves for as long as she wishes without discomfort. By touching someone, Betty grants them her ability to breathe air and water but only as long as she has contact with them. During high tide and when her tail is dry, Betty can assume human form. Her legs will involuntarily revert back into a tail if wet or during low tide, which ever comes first.

It is likely that as a mermaid, Betty would have remained young until the day she turned to foam. When she got her shell back, she changed into a gorgeous young woman with green hair. She is also the only mermaid who can wield the power of her shell which she calls a listening ear.

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