Cynthia Platt


Cynthia Platt
Jason Platt (father)
Randy (fiance)
Portrayed by:
Lara Cox

Cynthia Platt is the fiance of Randy. She is very sweet but a bit spoiled and classy as well. She loves Randy very much as seems to be unoblivous to the chemistry between June and Randy. Although June is not very fond of Cynthia, Cynthia is still very sweet to her and vice versa.


Cynthia is very sweet, bubbly and classy. She enjoys fine eating establishments and fancy jewelry. She doesn't necessarily like diving and outdoor kinds of things like Randy, her fiance does. She would much rather be sitting at a bar on the beach and enjoying a drink than getting her hair, nails or anything else messed up.


  • It's unknown if Cynthia and Randy ever got married but it's most likely so.
  • Lara Cox went on to play a scientist in H2O: Just Add Water; a TV show also about mermaids.