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John Mallick


Nicknames & Aliases:
Portrayed by:
Sean Taylor

John Mallick is an unethical fisherman captaining his ship, A Salt Weapon, he also has a partner Carlo.


Mallick fishes using illegal tools such as soda bombs to blow the fish out of the water. During one such a fishing trip he discovered Diana, Venus and June's father, he killed him by shooting him. He tried to drag him aboard, but someone attached his ship. After noticing strange happenings on his warehouse and boat, he started researching mermaids. He and Carlo then dived in the location where they saw the strange sea creature, and took his body. He kept the merman's body in a cooler and planned on showing it to the world for money. June, Diana, and Venus came and wanted their father back, using their powers on Mallick, but Mallick now aware of the mermaids, was immune to Siren Song, and he also made a wish, which mermaids can't ignore. His wish was for the mermaids to get him treasure. The mermaids were clever however, while one was getting the treasure, others tampered with the merman's body and tried it, turning into his human form. When the mermaids returned with the treasure, they also brought the police, and Mallick was arrested for murder, after he confessed to shooting the man who's body he kept in the freezer.


John is very greedy and mean and will do anything for money and publicity.