Objects of Power are birthrights given to mermaids shortly after birth as a symbol of their magic. All objects have different abilities which can only be used by its respective mermaid. If a mortal were to somehow possess a merpeople's object of power, that merperson would be under their command until the object is retrieved. If a mermaid is parted from her object of power for a long amount of time and is trapped on land, she will eventually forget her life in the sea and loses her mermaid powers. If the mermaid gets her object of power back, all her mermaid abilities will be restored.

Seen Objects of Power Edit

Diana's Trident Edit


Diana's charged trident

Diana has a silver comb which can fold into a trident. Diana's Trident can cut through solid steel door or even a ship's hull. It is not malleable or breakable. Its prongs often glow red after she uses it. Even in comb form, it is noticeably heavier than an ordinary comb.

Venus' Tiara Edit

Pearl Diara

Venus' Pearl Tiara

Venus' tiara is made of pearl. According to Diana, it symbolizes royalty. Its powers are never stated. Venus often leaves her tiara lying around as she thinks it is dorky looking on her.

June's Mirror Edit


June's Mirror

June's mirror is a small, silver, seashell-shaped compact mirror. Its glass glows with magic when she opens it. With a chant, June can ask the mirror to show anything but the mirror shows what it wants. When she asked to save the one she loved, instead of showing Venus' tiara, it showed her Randy on the seabed. When the mirror's magic is used, the glass ripples as if it is water.

Betty's Listening Ear Edit

Betty's Listening Ear

Betty's Listening Ear

Betty's object of power is a pearly white conch shell with silver accents. She and Diana called it a listening ear. Its powers are never stated.