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Nicknames & Aliases:
Cynthia Platt (Fiance)
Portrayed by:
Daniel Frederekson

Randy is the love interest of June.


Randy is a bay officer who is engaged to a woman named Cynthia Platt although he seems to be very unhappy with her. June has a hopeless crush on him which may or may not be why she came to land. Randy seems to be completely unaware of June's crush but the more he's around her to more he seems to show a bit of feelings.


Randy is very sweet and playful and treats everyone like an equal but is very oblivious. He seems to not notice the way June looks at him but bit by bit falls in love with her and is perfectly okay with the fact that June is a mermaid. Randy sees people for what is on the inside and notices inner beauty whether than outer. When he finally confesses his feelings to June, Venus erased his memory thinking that Randy was freaked out by her secret.


  • His role mirrors the prince from the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Like the prince, he is rescued from drowning by the youngest mermaid sister but does not see her and in the end, he marries the wrong woman instead of the mermaid.
    • Like Eric from the Disney version of the story, he only sees a faint image of June in mermaid form. He also grows closer to his savior while still oblivious to her feelings for him and her status as his savior and a mermaid. He also forgets all this because of Venus' siren powers just as Eric forgot about Ariel because of the sea witch's spell.