Serah D'Laine

Serah laine

October 23, 1982 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Serah D'Laine (or Sarah Laine), born October 23, 1982, is an American actress, best known for her role in films such as Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough, Mermaids, The Rig, Flight of the Living Dead, and American Pie.

Early LifeEdit

Born on October 23, 1982, Serah and her family left the U.S at age six and moved to Western Europe. After visiting many European countries, they returned to the U.S after five years where they bought a house in Michigan where they remained there. When she was in middle school, she took classes for drama and modeling, which prepared her for her future career. Her Summers were spent with her grandmother in California who was a pinup girl back in 1943. When Serah was thirteen, she moved in with her grandmother, and in exchange, she took Serah to school, theater, auditions, jobs etc. Now, Serah resides in Los Angeles.

Notable RolesEdit

  • Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005)
  • Mermaids (2003)
  • Flight of the Living Dead (2007)
  • American Pie 2 (2001)