Siren Song


Power to:
Hypnotize men into obeying mermaid's every order
Held by:

Siren Song is a power held by Sirens, like Venus. This power allows the user to hypnotize men into obeying your every order. This power manifests as a glowing aura around the siren. Men hear a haunting melody in their minds and the siren communicates via telepathy. Men under the siren song's spell are completely in awe with the siren and will do anything and everything she says happily and without question. A siren can use her power to wipe memories like if a human sees a mermaid's tail.

Women are immune to a siren's power. If a man knows that a woman is a siren, her power will not work on them.

Venus used this power multiple times like when she hypnotized a guard into letting her break into John Mallick's warehouse and hypnotizing a police officer into letting Diana out of jail.